Hi, we’re Nik and Allison White. We’re under 30 and we live in an RV. We both still work real jobs, we just live in an RV and drive around the country. In 2015 we decided that we wanted to be able to hang out outside more because the whole buying a house and commuting to work thing was getting kinda old.

Other than being young and continuing to work, we are a little different from many RVers in some other ways too. We don’t stay at RV parks much; we prefer to dry camp or boondock for free out in the middle of nowhere. We also don’t run a generator because we have enough solar panels to cover our needs (and because generators suck, a lot). Lastly, we didn’t take out a loan to pay for our RV. We bought a used 1989 26 ft motorhome and gutted the interior and rebuilt everything from the wood up to make it exactly the way we wanted. Feel free to take a tour of the finished product

This blog chronicles our adventures with renovating a the rig and the travels that we take it on.The blog is named after a line from the Robert Frost poem “The Sound of the Trees.” Answers to the most common questions about our trip can be found on our FAQ page.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us either by commenting on any of the posts or by emailing us at [email protected]. We’d love to hear from you and maybe even meet up somewhere for some beers or some campfires.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi guys stumbled across your blog today when looking for boondocking locations near Glacier. Thanks for adding info onto freecampsites.net, this is shaping up as a location we will use whilst in the park!!

    All the best with your travels and maybe we will cross paths at some stage? We have taken a year off work and travelling throughout the USA for a year (we are from Australia). So far so good!!

    I noticed you might be heading into OR/WA, if you check out our insta page (zo.roy) there is a link to our travel map. Feel free to hit us up with any questions!!


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