Caldera Triple

Last weekend I finished the two park, three race challenge, The Caldera Triple. Put on by Vacation Races, who organize half marathons outside National Parks around the country, the Caldera Triple consisted of: Saturday morning, June 4: Grand Teton Half Marathon, Jackson Hole, WY Friday evening, June 10: Yellowstone 5k, West Yellowstone, MT Saturday morning,… Read More Caldera Triple

A Random Wednesday

“Some days are better than others, but most are better than average.” – Jason Wynn Recently we’ve been just kinda figuring out our routine. One thing that has definitely been a bit eye opening is that, surprise surprise, we still have to work during the day. Our life isn’t one giant vacation despite how much we… Read More A Random Wednesday

Interior Tour

Without further ado, we are ready to give a real tour to our virtual friends and those who didn’t have a chance to see the rig at our “housewarming/going away party!” We unfortunately don’t have a fish eye lens on board so we had to make do with some panorama software which had some trouble… Read More Interior Tour