The “home” part of the RV is gutted! We have finished ripping out the carpet and in the process, most of the furniture.

RV carpet is awful, even before you take the fact that it’s been there for 27 years into account. Or to be more specific, it’s awful to remove. They installed it before they installed the walls and furniture, so whereas with a normal room you find the seam and pull, here you have to cut EVERYTHING. Ugh.

INSIDE a cabinet

See what I mean?


Here is the before picture, looking towards the back of the RV.


I was not especially good at this carpet removal business. This photo shows the result of 30 minutes of hard labor. Sigh.

Not pictured: Me yelling and glaring at the tiny, tiny piece of carpet


Good look, I think.

Eventually I did find the subfloor.



After I got most of the bigger swaths out, Nik took over and cut around all the edges with a carpet knife to get the smaller bits. I was frustrated enough that I was ready to just light it on fire and rebuild from there so I’m glad he took over. 😛


Also as a part of this process, we removed most of the furniture. I wish I had a picture of myself wedged inside the nightstand! This was partially to aid in removing the carpet, and partially because our next step is the redesign process. Here is the after demolition photo tour:

Dinette area
2016-01-25 (2)
Back bedroom area. There were two twin beds here on the right and left sides. You can see the tanks on the left.
2016-01-25 (1)
Back bedroom, right
Looking towards front cab

Yay! Next we are building out the new furniture arrangement (more on that soon) and then installing the new floor, which is currently sitting in our garage. Things are coming along!




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