We bought our rig!

We did it! After saving for a while and flip flopping so many times on what we wanted (“travel trailer behind a truck, no behind a van, no behind a truck, no a slide in truck camper, no a class C, no a class A, no a class C with a bedroom, without a bedroom, with a bedroom…”), we finally bought the RV we’ll be using.

She’s a 1989 Minnie Winnie Winnebago with 93,000 miles. 28 feet with a bedroom with two twins (for now). Full bed over the cab, dinette converts into a “full.” Kitchen has a 4 burner stove, propane oven, and convection/microwave oven. Large propane tank, 50 gallon freshwater tank, another 25 each for grey and black. We still aren’t settled on a name but the current leader is Daisy (both for looking like a cow and because we got her on Halloween and were watching scary movies and “Daisy” is the song HAL sings at the end of 2001 when he is being disconnected. Nerds right?)

This was the 3rd used one we looked at and by far the best condition for our price range. All of the major systems work and have had the big maintenance items they’ll need to last another many years. All six tires were replaced about three months ago. The engine had an overhaul about 3000 miles ago. The fridge and furnace have already had their main circuit boards replaced (a very common and very expensive fix in older RVs). The AC works flawlessly. New house and car batteries.

Just to be fair, we know there are problems. She is about as old as we are. The issues we knew about when buying it were the generator doesn’t start (supposedly just needs a cheap fuel pump), the rear window took a BB and is very cracked, it has just the slightest hint of cigarette covered with Febreeze, or maybe wet dog, or maybe burnt cookies, it seems to change every time I go in. At least that gets better every day we leave it with all the windows and vents open to air out. We’ll be pulling out most of the carpet and replacing the curtains and maybe the upholstery if we get really ambitious.

I’ve spent most of my time since we bought it going through every nook and cranny trying to minimize the unknown unknowns and inventory all the good and bad things that came with it. Hopefully have a post with that inventory soon. For the moment though, enjoy the pictures.

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