Coming Full Circle: Beginning Year 2

After our stationary winter in Winter Park, we have hit the road once again. We celebrated our first anniversary of RV life on May 18, which is so wild!

After packing up, we headed to Denver for a few days mostly to get a bunch of chores done that were easier to do in the city (getting the oil changed, buying stuff at Target, blah, blah, blah). The snowy photo below is how we spent our full-timing anniversary. Never a dull weather moment in Colorado.

Weirdly, we started our year this year with the same two stops as last year: Cotopaxi, CO for Colorado Whitewater’s Spring Training Camp and Salida, CO to visit friends and hang out in what is still one of our favorite towns.

Colorado Whitewater Spring Training Camp 2017, group photo

It’s been so surreal to be at the same place physically one year later. It keeps bringing back memories of just how clueless, nervous, and excited we were this time last year! We have come a long way, but I also know now that you don’t ever stop learning things (or stop needing to fix things), it just becomes less “drinking from the fire hose” as time goes on.

Comparing to this time last year, I would say I am:

  • More comfortable working with my hands and figuring out how to fix things
  • More flexible
  • Better at talking to strangers and better at entertaining myself
  • More comfortable in small towns versus cities

Nik says he is:

  • More spontaneous
  • Getting better at dealing with the unexpected
  • Better at recognizing our environmental impact and how our choices (e.g., food, water, energy) impact the planet and other people

Cheers to year 2! We are headed to the Vail area next, so if any friends are around for the GoPro games, let us know. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Coming Full Circle: Beginning Year 2

  1. Good fortune to you on year two. My many memories of the Ark and Salida area are brought back to life reading your post.Can’t count the number of summers we drove across 1/2 the US just to get some western whitewater. Have fun, be safe. RB

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