Fixing Paper Cuts

At the end of last year when we moved into the apartment, the RV had a lot of little annoying things wrong with it that we kept saying “we’ll fix that before we head out again next year.” They were like paper cuts, individually not show stoppers, but certainly annoying especially in large number.

So since we need to be out of here in a week, we figured we better get started. I wish I had more pictures but we really just wanted to get the work done as fast as possible.

  • Had a welder fix a bracket on the frame that had been broken since we bought it.

Welded Frame Bracket

  • Replaced the water pipe that goes from the outside of the RV to the water tank. The old pipe had a 2 inch crack in it and would always leave many gallons of water on the ground when we filled up. Unfortunately, fixing that required basically disassembling a ton of furniture in the back room so we had to unload everything before we could even get access to it. That was why we didn’t do it last year despite it being a pretty serious problem.
  • Replaced one of the skylights. I had broken the original when shoveling snow off the roof this winter.
  • Installed the interior trim around the skylight. We just never got around to it before.


  • Added additional support to a folding mirror/table. It fell out of the wall 3 times last year so I finally sucked it up and opened up the wall to add some real support to it.


  • Added a battery balancer. Any time you have batteries wired in series, you can end up with one battery getting worn down faster than the other which can lead to improper charging. A battery balancer will re-route power around the higher voltage battery to the lower voltage battery in order to keep them balanced and hopefully extend their life.


  • Removed the step. The big metal step for the side door rusted out one of the bolts the first month we had the RV. It made it really unsafe to use. We had always planned to drill new holes and add some bolts to fix it, but in the meantime we had just picked up a folding step stool that we love (we got ours from Ace Hardware but the one in the link is even nicer and cheaper). So we decided to just ditch the metal step instead of fixing it in order to save the weight.


  • Fixed the window latch for one of the windows over the cab so it could close again. Last November when it was getting really cold at night we realized that our feet kept freezing at night and it was because the window down there wouldn’t close all the way.
At least this picture has a pretty reflection in it.

While I was doing all of those little projects, Allison was really busy moving stuff into the RV. We got just about everything in except for some clothes and some whitewater gear we’ll be using this weekend.

We’re headed to the Ruby Horsethief section of the Colorado with some friends for 3 days. We’ll be back on Sunday but then need to be moved out of our apartment by Monday evening so we’ll have a hectic 24 hours of washing clothes, cleaning the apartment and packing the last things into the RV before we drive down to Denver to start year two of full timing! We still have a few more projects to finish down there (sanitizing the water system and we think we have a propane leak somewhere that we need to fix before we can use the fridge) but I can’t wait to get started!

6 thoughts on “Fixing Paper Cuts

    1. A two step thing that nestled in the doorway would be nice! I might need to google around for plans for that. We actually used a milk crate for a day right after the step broke but it didn’t stand up to moving heavy bins in and out in addition to my 200 pounds.


    1. We just got this one from amazon: but it is designed for two 12V batteries making a 24V bank which works for us but not everyone. I’ve never actually seen a balancer that could handle two 6V golf cart batteries but if anyone knows of a good one please let me know. Installing it was really simple. If you only have 2 batteries (vs multiple parallel strings), you just hook red to positive, black to negative, white to in-between. We had one parallel string so we needed to add a mid point connection between the strings (the green wires in the picture). That midpoint connection needs to be 50% the cross section of the rest of the wires at a minimum for 2 strings in case one battery gets short circuited. So we used 2/0 gauge for everything else (67mm^2) and two 4 gauge wires for the cross (21mm^2 each). Sorry if that was more than you wanted to know, but hopefully it helps.

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