Snowed out of Skiing

This past weekend we took a trip to Squaw Valley near Lake Tahoe to go to our friends’ wedding. We had a wonderful time! The ceremony was beautiful, the reception was fun, we got to catch up with a number of friends we hadn’t seen in years and it was all around a wonderful time.


Our amazing, intelligent, successful (and beautiful) friend, the bride.

But if I had to summarize the trip in just a few words it would be “too much snow.” I didn’t know that was possible but it is. Squaw Valley had gotten 6 feet of snow in the week leading up to our arrival and then got between 8 and 24 inches more each day we were there. It was impressive:

Snow above the speed limit sign. Our guess was that the wall was probably eight feet tall.
Snow blocking the parking garage exit.

It was so much snow that the one day we had to ski, only four of the lifts were open and they still wanted $159 for a single day pass. So instead we went and hung out with the wedding party at their awesome house up the road where it was nice and sunny:


Sunday we left bright and early because we were scheduled to get up to four more feet of snow but we got out before most of it hit and got to the airport without any issues. It helps that we’re pretty darn good at driving in snow now that we live in a ski town.

The picture at the very top is from the flight home. It is looking south over the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. I think you can see Winter Park ski resort on the right side and Lyons in the foreground. It was really cool to look down onto our home from the air right at sunset.

2 thoughts on “Snowed out of Skiing

  1. What beautiful pictures! I live about an hour from there. The amount of snow and rain that has fallen since November is more than impressive! We usually leave here beginning of January. Well, so much saturation and we are still stuck here until the ground firms up!


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