Getting to Know People Again

One of the hardest things for us about living in the RV was that we had trouble getting to know people. We always were “in town for a week or so” so we never got to meet the same people multiple times and really form close friendships with them. Now that we’ve been stationary, we’ve tried really hard to get that back in our lives. This past week was a rather busy one for us, but we’ve really been trying to make the most of our time here too.

Monday – Kayaking Pool Session

Allison and I both got memberships to the local public recreation center (“The Rec”) and on Monday nights they allow kayaks to hop in the pool and play around. I’m a total whitewater addict so I go every week 😉 There have usually been only a small handful of people there but we’re slowly growing and we have started going out for a beer afterwards.

Tuesday – Date Night

We hadn’t had a “just us” night in a while and Allison had really wanted to check out Pepe Osaka’s Tequila and Taco bar and grill so we made it a date. I was a little nervous going in because they are a fish taco place and I don’t eat fish (it’s a long story about global warming) but I really liked the steak  and crispy chicken teriyaki tacos I had. The margaritas were good to with your choice of infused tequilas. We’ll be back.

Wednesday – Geeks Who Drink Trivia

Turns out one of the bars at the resort hosts a trivia night every Wednesday night during the ski season. We went with our housemates (housing in a ski town is super expensive ok?), had some beer and nachos with their employee discounts, used our mad math skills and took second place out of twelve teams. Not bad in my book. Next week we’re gonna win and get our bill covered. Hmph!

Thursday – Game Night

We’ve started hosting a standing board game night on Thursday nights. Both of us grew up playing board games, me at my uncle’s game shop Boldo’s Armory and Allison with her family and friends. We also happen to be a little obscenely competitive when it comes to games. On the road, we only really got to play against each other, which is fun, (we play Carcassonne like grandmasters play chess), it still is fun to play with more people. So we invite pretty much everyone we know over, do a pot luck dinner and play some games. We’ve started getting a pretty great core group that comes every week and it’s great to just hang out and have fun together playing around.

Friday – Errands

We have to buy groceries sometime!

Weekend – Skiing and Relaxing

Usually I’ll go skiing on the weekend simply because I’m working during the week but with Allison on crutches for a couple weeks (don’t worry too much, she’ll get better) I’ll probably only ski whichever day has better snow. We’re about five minutes from the resort so it’s tough to just not go. 🙂

Sometimes it’s nice to wander the world, and sometimes it’s nice to spend time with people you like. 🙂

Update, 5/29/17: Allison was actually on crutches for 3 months, the majority of the winter. Thankfully, with the help of a great doctor and PT, she is back on her feet and working her way back to running and hiking.

2 thoughts on “Getting to Know People Again

  1. Busy schedule, enjoy it.. I wonder how it will be for us when we go in the RV fulltime. We are usually introverts but I always manage to get the attention of people ( german accent ) when we travel.


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