Deception Pass State Park, WA

We found salt water! Specifically, Puget Sound. Deception Pass State Park was a really neat place to visit and hike around on sea cliffs.

Here is a map, so you get the idea:

Cool, right?

The park was a Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) site during the Great Depression. With the CCC, FDR put 3 million men across the country to work. Their labor built many of the National Park structures we see today. There was a little museum at Deception Pass detailing daily life in the “camps” and displaying things like camp newspapers, photography equipment, and Thanksgiving menus. There were also lots of quotes and stores of the men, which was neat. One man got the CCC job because he walked 30 miles one way and the higher-ups told him, more or less, “You must really be desperate! You’re hired!”


Other than the history of the place, the rocks and trees and wildlife were spectacular.

These red Madrone trees were my favorite. They were beautiful colored and were all twisted and turned. I called them Dr. Seuss trees.

Pacific Madrone tree. The bark is supposed to be peeling that way!

We also got to sit and watch a heron (or something like a heron) fishing in the shallow water. It caught about half a dozen fish while we watched and swallowed each one whole.

We also saw jellyfish! You can’t really tell what they are in my pictures, but that was pretty, cool, too.

The trail alternated between dense old-growth forest and craggy outcroppings of rocks.

Big trees


There is also a very scenic bridge.

Deception Pass bridge

We loved this place and Cheat has now been to an ocean (well, if you count Puget Sound as an ocean). This place is definitely worth a visit!

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