Meeting Other Full-Timers

We were very lucky to get to visit with LOTS of other full-timers (i.e., people doing what we’re doing) while we were staying outside Glacier. Turns out the route we’re on is pretty common (note all the beautiful pictures from the past few months 🙂 ) and it meant that we were in Glacier right at the same time as tons of other RVers.

All of a sudden when we got to Glacier, we started noticing tons of people on Instagram and Facebook posting about places we either had been to or were right next to. Allison reached out to some people on social media, we parked next to others and I worked with one. It was a rush of social time that we sorely needed.

Meeting Other Full-Timers
We didn’t take many pictures with our new friends, so enjoy some photos from things we didn’t blog about! Here is our spot outside Banff, Canada.

First off, we were lucky to meet up with Marc & Julie of RV Love.

They’ve been on the road for about three years. Marc and Nik are co-workers and so when we were planning the trip, any time Nik’s bosses or co-workers would question our plans, he’d be able to just say “Oh you know Marc? We’re going to do the same thing” and everyone would understand. Julie runs RV Love which has become one of the more popular RV blogs and communities especially among full-timers who stay in campgrounds or are just starting out. They had us over for dinner with some amazing food and then we had them over for a campfire a couple days later.

Meeting Other Full-Timers
Our spot outside Glacier where Jeff & Alicia were our only neighbors

We spent a few nights as boondocking neighbors with Jeff & Alicia of RVenegades.

They quit their busy DC jobs last year and renovated a 5th wheel RV (including a partial roof replacement they did themselves!) and have been on the road for almost a year. The renovation was beautiful and we got to swap lots of stories.

Meeting Other Full-Timers
Exploring in the Great Bear Wilderness, MT

Next we had dinner with Kyle & Olivia of Drivin’ and Vibin’.

They renovated a vintage travel trailer and started travelling about a year ago. They run a cool Etsy shop out of their RV selling historic prints and maps they find in antique shops along the way. Their blog and Youtube channel talks about living deliberately and choosing the life you want, which seems very appropriate for what we do.

Meeting Other Full-Timers
At Iceberg Lake

Lastly, we got to go hiking with Cori & Andy of Nomadic Neighbors.

They left Buffalo, NY about the same time we left Denver and were enjoying slowing down after a breakneck pace across the country. Andy was about to start grad school with on-line courses so they realized they could be anywhere with internet while he did that. Taking classes while parked outside national parks sounded pretty sweet to be honest.

(Notice any common themes?)

Meeting Other Full-Timers
Cori shooting on the Iceberg Lake trail

It was so cool to hear about everyone else’s journeys and travel style. It was also really nice to talk with people who just get it, though as we found out, any time you get more than one boondocker together, talk will inevitably degrade into discussing solar panels, how to conserve water and how to get cell signal. 🙂 It was also really nice to get our fill of socializing. Sometimes social time can be hard to come by on the road.

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