Sprint to the Finish

I am so glad that we good a little bit of mental recovery time last weekend and took a day to go skiing on Sunday (yes, it was May 1st, yes, it was a powder day, yes, right now it’s nearly 90 degrees). We are in the final push now and MAN are things crazy. Our goal is to leave around May 16, which leaves 10 days.


We moved out to the RV (in the driveway) and are slowly but surely getting our stuff moved in there. It isn’t really organized, except for our clothes (which all fit! yay!), but we will get there.

Meanwhile, Nik and I each have a lot of things on our list that we are checking off one by one:

Nik’s Things (mostly RV stuff):

  • Mount remaining two solar panels
  • Replace RV fridge, which mysteriously broke, with residential fridge
  • We found out we are overweight, so pulling out the broken generator and the A/C and replacing them with smaller, lighter, and more efficient solutions
  • Mount tow bar to car
  • Finish “box”
  • Sort through garage

Allison’s Things (mostly house stuff):

  • Sell the rest of the furniture
  • Figure out how to get rid of the old and busted couch
  • Have a yard sale (weather this weekend is not cooperating!)
  • Take lots and lots of donations to Goodwill and the Habitat for Humanity Restore
  • Box up the art and other things that our awesome friends Justin and Angela are letting us store in their basement
  • Finish installing curtain rods and curtains (this is half done- Tina, they look amazing so far!!)
  • Spray paint cabinet knobs orange and attach to cabinets
  • Throw going away party (this one will be fun!)
  • Organize RV (maybe I’ll go wild like this lady!)

Slowly but surely, we’re getting there! One foot in front of the other…

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