Visit to Nashville

Alright, this wasn’t actually an RV trip, but I figure those of you who come here for the travel stories and photos are getting glassy-eyed by now. Here I am to save the day!

Last week we went to Nashville (where I grew up) for Christmas and to visit family.

Me, Nik, my sister, Emily, and brother-in-law, Josh

It was great to see everyone and to tell everyone about our plans. My grandmother, a nonagenarian who was an avid traveler until well into her 70s, is almost as excited about it as we are! I come by my wanderlust naturally. 😉


While in Nashville, we also took advantage of the freakishly warm weather to go running. The beginning of our trip I was hot running in shorts and a t-shirt.


Nashville has a great multi-use trail system that is adjacent to the Cumberland for many miles. Unfortunately, this led to a bit of flooding that they blocked with crime scene tape for one run!

I did not mess with that. I don’t want to be that runner you hear about on crime shows who discovers a body in the early morning. No, thank you.

At any rate, we had a lovely visit and are now back at home in Denver (where, I might add, it was 9 degrees this morning). We are looking forward to a year of adventures in 2016!

Happy New Year!

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