RV Health Insurance

Being a responsible adult is hard work. Today, I am trying to find the best option for health insurance that will fit my needs while on the road.


(1) Must be a PPO where we can access services nationwide.

(2) Must cover the medications I take for my migraines (I take six different medications, luckily they are all generics now).


(1) Most PPO plans are being gradually phased out, so they are harder and harder to come by, which makes my options limited. Most of the PPO plans I have found have a state-wide network, but not a nationwide network.

(2) All of the full-timer RV blogs we read are written by young, healthy people who only need catastrophic coverage (this is also the boat Nik falls into, and why we get insurance separately). I’m young and healthy, but I need a beefier insurance plan and more access to doctors than  other full-timers in our age group. On the other hand, the older retiree segment of the full-timer population is mostly on Medicaid, which also doesn’t apply to me. I know I can figure it out, but it would be so lovely if there was someone in my boat to give me some guidance!

(3) Enrollment date for me is end of January. Enrollment date for Nik’s work insurance isn’t until April, so I can’t really look into those plans.

Possible Solutions:

(1) There is such a thing as Telemedicine. For $13 a month, I could have access to healthcare consultations via phone or email. These doctors can even call in prescriptions if necessary, no driving 50 miles to the nearest doctor’s office required! This would of course supplement- not replace- an insurance plan. For minor illnesses and the like, this may be a good solution for an imperfect PPO network.

(2) Escapees RV Club runs an RV insurance exchange. I don’t know if it will work for Colorado as our state of residence, but maybe they can guide me in the right direction.

Fingers crossed!

Update, 5/29/17: I have so far ended up staying on my old insurance plan and we just get checkups and such when we are back in Denver. So far, this has worked, but I’m also around way fewer children now that I’m not teaching so I get sick far less often. I also get fewer migraines on the road (for a variety of reasons), so I haven’t needed to adjust my medications or anything like that that would require a specialist’s attention. We may still sign up for Telemedicine in the future, it’s nice to know it’s an option to have in our back pocket.

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