Working in Atlanta

Allison had a conference in Atlanta this week and thanks to our Southwest Companion Pass, I got to be the friendly supportive spouse along for the ride. Basically since I can work from anywhere I decided to fly out and stay the week with her and see what’s cool in Atlanta. And for even more fun, Allison’s parents were on their way back home from Florida and decided to stay with us for a couple days to split up the trip.

When I asked friends where to go and what to see, the number one place people told me to go was the Georgia Aquarium. The problem is the aquarium was only open from 10am to 5pm, if I was going to be working normal hours I’d never get a chance to go. I was really bummed about it until I realized that I can just work from the aquarium! So here was my office for the day:


I had a couple meetings too so I bounced between in front of the Ocean Voyageur tank and a quiet corner of the food court upstairs. It worked perfectly. I even got to take a break for lunch to go see the dolphin show (sorry no pictures allowed). I did get to take a quick walk through all  of the exhibits and see the belugas, the sea otters, and the coral, but my favorite (other than the giant tank I worked in front of) was this tank:


It was just SO FULL of fish. All different types from the Amazon. The docent standing next to the tank told me all about the different types (information I promptly forgot) but he said that in the Amazon river, the fish can get this densely packed really easily, just with an even greater variety of fish. So I was impressed.

I also got to see them feeding the sea horses. The sea horses would use their snouts as super powered pipette suckers to suck up the food, then they would spit the extra water out the back of their head! Very cool to watch.

And the aquarium had great wifi! Even with the $35 entry fee it is definitely my favorite place to work so far.

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