Winter Fun Camp 2017

Note: All photos and videos in this post are © 2017 Rich McNeary or © 2017 Ann Freeman. Used with Permission.

Sorry we haven’t written in a while. Not going to sugar coat it, we got lazy. This post was going to be a giant epic but we figured better to have something out now than an epic out never, so here you go.

We’ve been hosting a lot of friends and family in the past couple months (staying five minutes from a Colorado ski resort makes us a popular destination 🙂 ). My high school friends Jay and Caela were here a couple weeks ago and my parents and Allison’s aunt Ann were here in early March.

So, in the spirit of our post about our trip to Glacier National Park, let me tell you about the wonderful opportunities we experienced this year at Nik and Allison’s Winter Fun Camp™!

Allison and I had to work the first day so everybody else went for a hike with Cheat on some of the amazing snowshoeing trails you can get to right from our door.

And Winter Fun Camp wouldn’t be complete without some skiing. I got to go out with everyone for two days

and Allison even got to take out a sit ski for one of the days


My Dad even made this awesome video. My favorite part is through the trees at the end.

On one of their last days in town with us, Allison took our visitors over to the Hot Sulfur Springs for a day of relaxation.

Springs 1Springs 2

All in all it was great to see family and we’ve really enjoyed hosting people out here all winter (Allison’s Mom is actually staying with us right now). We’ll be sure to keep an open door policy as long as we live in cool places. 🙂

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