Winter Plans

You may have noticed we have been a little quiet here the last couple of weeks. That’s because there have been some big changes in the Reckless Choice house. Let me fill you in.

Since Nik and I like the snow too much to head south for the winter, we have winterized the RV and will be staying put through winter. Our home base for the winter is Winter Park, Colorado; about an hour and a half from Denver.

I have a job for the winter season working for the National Sports Center for the Disabled (NSCD). I’ll be teaching adaptive skiing, which is a bit of a dream job for me (I taught early childhood special education before we hit the road, for those who don’t know), so I’m really excited! I just finished training and hit the mountain tomorrow (!). I absolutely love it so far and I have some really great co-workers. (Plus, I get paid to ski everyday!)


Last week, we moved into a 2 bed 2 bath apartment/condo. Before that, we were staying in the RV, which was fine, but chilly. It was getting down in the 20’s overnight, so we were glad we didn’t have any issues with our lines freezing, which was our only real concern. We have two roommates in our new place and so far everything is going great!

Nik working from our new place, which has awesome views!

At any rate, we have come to an end of one chapter and are opening another. We plan to go back out in the RV come spring, but until May, we’ll be here.

Cheat is liking the extra space

P.S. We will still be writing here! We have been keeping a list of RV-related topics we can write about during our “off-season.” We will also be writing about various mountain things. We might be posting a little less frequently, but don’t go anywhere. 😉

One thought on “Winter Plans

  1. Next August, on the 21st, there will be a total eclipse visible from Oregon to Georgia (well, some place on the Atlantic), there should be good viewing in the valleys of Oregon. I’m expect I’ll be dry camping on BLM land someplace in Oregon, but I’m not sure where yet. You should check it out, a real once in a lifetime experience (literally, there was one in the continental US in 1979, there will be another in 2024 (something like that, in the eastern half of the country) and that’s it for this century, you’ll need a passport for any of the others. Everything reservable is booked, or crazy expensive.

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