Make New Friends But Keep the Old

We are fortunate to have some really close friends here in Denver. I really enjoy spending time with them, talking about big issues (parenthood) and small ones (what are you supposed to do with the Costco-sized box of granola that makes everyone fart?). My biggest worry about life on the road is the bonds we’ve built will be harder to maintain.

My second biggest worry is bears discovering our RV fridge, but that’s neither here nor there.

Friendships are important. As an introvert, I am a “quality over quantity” type of person when it comes to friendships. With all the boondocking we will be doing, I’m worried Nik and I won’t have social outlets beyond each other (which isn’t super healthy, even if we do enjoy each others’ company). Nik can make friends with just about anyone, but I’m typically more reserved. I think this will end up working itself out, with a little flexibility on my end as far as hanging out with strangers is concerned.

But our closest friends here are the rare kind of person I could hang out with all the time and never tire of their company. We are reaching the stage in our preparations where we are trying to fit in as much face-to-face time with friends as we can. I treasure this time dearly, because I know that the inevitable is coming. I know, too, that after our trip, we will be different people in a way, and so will our friends. Their kids will be older. Their lives will no doubt be different. I’m trying my best to enjoy each moment in the present. It’s hard, though. Part of me is mourning the life we could have had staying still. But I know, and our friends do too, that if we didn’t take this time, we always would have wondered, “What if?”

I hope that with our closest friends, we will fall into a rhythm that is something like long-distance dating. I know that may seem like a weird analogy, but hear me out. I am envisioning weekly Skype dates, lots of texting and calls, funny little videos sent back and forth. Maybe even a visit here and there.

It won’t be the same, but it will be something.

2 thoughts on “Make New Friends But Keep the Old

  1. Dang! You are about a year ahead of us – we want to have purchased the RV in 8 months and be fixing it up in a year, to hit the road in a year and a half. And also live in Denver. I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more!


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